Investigation into the provenance of museum collections in connection with the theft, confiscation and sale of objects under duress between 1933 and 1945.

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Committee for Museum Acquisitions from 1933 onwards

An independent committee of experts monitored the research work. The nine members were selected because of their authority in the sector, their affinity with the subject or their legal expertise. A smalller staff is responsible for the work between 2014-2018.

* will remain available in the 2014-2018 period


Prof. Rudi E.O. Ekkart*, formerly director of Netherlands Institute for Art History in The Hague (RKD) and emeritus professor at Utrecht University


Drs Sophie C.L. Olie

Committee Members

Pauline W. Kruseman*, formerly director of Amsterdam Historical Museum, former chair of National 4 and 5 May Committee, former member of the Ethical Code Committee Museums Association

Drs Taco D.W. Dibbits*, Director Rijksmuseum

Prof. Wouter M.A. Kalkman, Head of Legal, Litigation & Compliance at Nationale-Nederlanden and professor of insurance law at University of Amsterdam

Dr René J.Q. Klomp*, Independent legal advisor, former member of the Ethical Code Committee Museums Association

Drs Peter J. Schoon*, Director of Dordrecht Museum

Drs Helen C.M. Schretlen (as of 1 October 2014), former secretary  of the committee.

Drs Willem F.M. Terwisscha van Scheltinga, executive secretary of Association of Insurers

Dr Gerdien Verschoor, Director of CODART

Agnes F.M. Vugts*, Agnes Vugts Heritage projects 

Project team 2009 - 2014

A Museums Association project team comprising Drs Helen C.M. Schretlen, Drs Mr Jona M. Mooren and Drs Marieke Krabshuis supported the committee.

Drs Geerte Broersma replaced Jona Mooren during her leave of absence in 2013 and took on Sophie Olie’s tasks in 2015.